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Even though Einstein’s theory of relativity is out of our depth, we cannot agree with this quote:

„The most difficult thing to understand in this world is income tax.“

Germany’s multi-layered and continuously evolving tax law often leads to tax subjects feeling overwhelmed. As your partner, RFHC will support you finding an individual model for tax optimisation, allowing you to stay on top of things.

RFHC covers the whole range of tax consulting and auditing services, including tax filings, financial and payroll accounting, audit of the annual financial statement as well as general business consulting, due diligence and representation in front of fiscal authorities. Our complementary services such as international tax consulting, entrepreneurial advice, company and private succession and all matters regarding real estate and property deals complete the picture.

We are a member of the Chamber of Tax Advisors Hamburg, the Hamburg Tax Consultants Association and the German Tax Consultants Association as well as the cooperative DATEV eG.

We offer all services in English to our international clients.