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Strategic foresight, proven methodology and profound know-how

RFHC consults companies and corporations as well as self-employed entrepreneurs and individuals in all tax and economic issues. All our considerations focus around the client. We carry out mandates for all legal forms as well as start-ups, self-employed and private individuals. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures tailor-made solutions fitted to your individual needs and demands.

Continuity combined with optimal consultation is taken very serious at RFHC! Every client is assigned to a team of experts with knowledge about the individual needs and tasks. Your team will always offer the best solution for all tax related issues.

We think and act proactively. We examine potentials for optimisation to give you the best possible consultation. You can concentrate on your core business while we keep you informed and updated, for example in case of legislative amendments.

We ask the right questions and our consultation is very precise. Years of experience on mandates of all branches give us a deep understanding of the market and the specific business challenges. There is no general answer to your branch-specific questions.

RFHC reinvented tax consulting. Besides the classical means of communication, personal or telephonic consultation, we offer our customers the online tax office. You can always check the status of your data and tax information via a secure connection to our online platform. If you wish to provide us with digital copies of your receipts, you will receive an updated overview of your tax records on a daily basis.

  • Phone 040/284 676 730
    E-Mail: frobeen@rfhc.de

  • Patrick Frobeen,

    Tax consultant and manager of RFHC. Following the successful completion of his studies in business administration, Mr Frobeen initially worked for a tax consultancy in Hamburg (for several years). After being appointed tax consultant, he increased his knowledge and practical know-how as an independent partner for a tax consulting and auditing firm. Many years of experience and profound professional knowledge allow him to comprehend complex, multi-layered company processes and sophisticated issues of tax structuring.

  • Key areas

    • Tax consulting for small- and medium-sized companies and corporations
    • Financial statements
    • International tax law
    • Taxation of individuals with large private fortunes
    • Taxation of Permanent Establishments
    • Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Legal opinions on tax law topics

  • Phone 040/284 676 730
    E-Mail: riediger@rfhc.de

  • Uwe Riediger,

    Tax consultant and manager of RFHC. After studying business administration, Mr Riediger gathered experience in internationally renowned tax and auditing firms. He further manifested his knowledge and competencies through his own entrepreneurial activities, including as a founder and shareholder of several successful start-ups.

  • Key Areas

    • Tax consulting for small- and medium-sized companies and corporations
    • Comprehensive consultation for entrepreneurs and founders
    • Business consulting
    • Voluntary review